Dec 062015

Leaderboard is over for this time, but that doesn’t mean quiz is. Far from it! Round 1 was ‘Current events’, following that was ‘Movie titles that have turned slang’ such as Fatal Attraction and Sophie’s Choice. Then it was time to see how well you actually know fairy tales. And we weren’t talking Disney version. Andrea gave the original ending of fairy tales and you then had to name the tale. Round 4 was back to ‘General Knowledge’ before music round which was just a mix of random songs.

With leaderboard being gone, it was back to giving out an epic cocktail for the best team name! This week it went to the guys that played on Andrea’s Irish accent ‘Kate ate eight great grain cakes’. Put some thought into our name for next week and you might get the cocktail to get the night started right….

Winners: It all came down to the music round, and at that ‘Kate ate eight great grain cakes’ proved a little better. Second place went to ‘Hen hao’ and 3rd place to ‘Qinghe swimmers’.

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Nov 262015

The last week of the leaderboard and still no clear winner, so Andrea decided to make the quiz this week somewhat harder than usual to make you all step up your game! She started out harmless enough though with her current events round, which had an average score of 6,8 – not bad at all! But then the cruelty started… Round two was diseases named after people. Average score for that one: 4,6!!! Clearly not an audience favorite, but some times that is necessary to keep you on your toes. Round 3 brought back some of your confidence with her round on general knowledge – good to know that random knowledge you picked up at some point comes in useful from time to time. Most teams did pretty well on the fourth round as well, this week’s entertainment round. Andrea gave you the actor and a quote, you just had to say which movie it came from. Music round was a massive hit and miss, one team scored maximum points (11) while another only got 2. With the scores being all over the place people were very unsure of how they were doing both for the night, but also for the leaderboard.

Winners: Bei-ding-dongs knew that only did they have to do well to get third place on leaderboard, but they also needed Union Jackasses to place several places below them. Well, they did their part and secured the bottle of Jameson for their team with 43 points. ‘The kids your parents warned you about’ wanted more epic cocktails, so they stepped up and scored 41 points, enough for the cocktails. As faith would have it, the two teams battling for the leaderboard win ‘Wudaokou Blowjob’ and ‘El’ Flannel’ scored the same (38 points) and drink off was required! ‘Wudaokou Blowjob’ show why they have Danes on their team, they can drink and do it fast. Once again, Jan Ole secured the win for his team!

Leaderboard: With the beating of ‘El’ Flannel’ in the drink off, ‘Wudaokou Blowjob’ cemented their position at the top of leaderboard! Congratulations!! ‘El’ Flannel’ had to settle for second place, but that still gets them a pizza party – a little smaller. Third place was also undecided. As mentioned ‘Bei-ding-dongs’ did their part by winning this week, but ‘Union Jackasses’ were present and fought. They did put up a fight, but unfortunately for them, it wasn’t enough. ‘Bei-ding-dongs’ set in their sprint at just the right time and secured third place and pizza for the team.

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Nov 152015

Unfortunately Andrea was too sick to do quiz this week, so it fell to Kate to come up rounds that would challenge as well as please the sometimes very demanding crowd….
Whether or not it was a success, well, that shall be left unsaid. But the rounds were as follows. 1. Current events of course, just because Andrea couldn’t make it doesn’t mean it would be left out. 2. General Knowledge (prepared by Andrea), 3. November. Not only are in the month of Movember, Remember remember the fifth of November, the quiz itself this week was held on the largest online shopping day in the world ‘Singles’ Day’ 11/11! Round 4 was the hardest one of the week, went all out nerd for that one ‘Women in Fantasy’. With no entertainment round this week, the music round was ‘songs from movies’ with points both for artist as well as the movie!

Winners: Only 8 teams present this week, but competition as fierce as ever. We ended up needing to do a drink off to find the winner of the bottle of Jameson. Drinking is however something Danes are good at, and Jan Ole secured the bottle (along with leaderboard points) to the Wudaokou Blowjob. Omar’s Bitches settled for the Epic Cocktail and El’ Flannel took the bucket of Tsingtao.

Leaderboard: With the win this week Wudaokou Blowjob is back in the lead, but only by 2 points. And there are only 2 weeks left on the leaderboard!! It is going to be a close one!!!

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Nov 082015

Unfortunately Andrea was unable to make quiz this week, but that doesn’t stop us! Steven worked fast and got 4 rounds together for you guys and Kate even took the stage with a guest round.
The first round was hosted by Steven, but written by Josh, it was the mandatory ‘current events’ round, after that Steven continued with a movies round before it was time for picture round. ‘Saturday morning cartoons’, which most people got right (although us non-Americans don’t call them Saturday morning cartoons…. Then it was time for Kate’s round, it was a connections round with all the answers being related to ‘The Wire’! Music round had a total of 15 points, with half points available for guessing the year the song was number 1 on the Billboard!

Winners: Another week of super close competition! And new winners as well! It all came down to the half points from the music round! In the end, ‘I think I just queefed’ took the bottle of Jameson with 44 points, ‘Quiz in my pants’ won the epic cocktail with 43 points when they passed ‘The Bei-ding-dings’ by just half a point!!!

Leaderboard: This week proves that nothing is decided for the leaderboard before the 10 weeks are over. So far it has looked like ‘Wudaokou Blowjob’ would have a smooth way to the win, but now ‘El’ Flannel’ is right there! 30 leaderboard points for both teams! And only 3 more weeks to go!

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Nov 012015

It’s Halloween Week at Lush and Sugar Shack, so that was of course reflected in the quiz. Not every thing was related to Halloween, we still had ‘Current events’ as well as a sound clip round, with various actors reading ‘The Raven’! After that it was time to go Halloween-style, with a picture round of 10 different horror movies, a guest round by Dave regarding monsters. For the music round Andrea shocked most people by announcing it would be ‘modern music’. As most of us here know, living in China you tend to get out of the loop regarding what’s making people dance along in the rest of the world.

Winners: Another close with, with the bare minimum separating the top teams. However, ‘El’ Flannel’ proved they are ready to drink some Jameson again and took the top spot. 2nd and 3rd place were only half a point apart with ‘Fine, we’ll just stand’ on the winning side of the battle with ‘Wudaokou Blowjob’.

Leaderboard: With the high performances from ‘El’ Flannel’ and ‘Fine, we’ll stand’ (aka Union Jackasses), the fight for the top positions on the leaderboard is as close as ever. 4 weeks left, and only 5 points between number 1 and number 3

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Oct 272015

Back to the Future-day!
While we didn’t focus entirely on the iconic day, it was definitely present throughout the quiz along with the usual current events and general knowledge rounds, Andrea also had a historical inaccuracies in films round. And then we had a guest host for the music round. Jon Ellis from Big Bear Cookies, stopped by to give a connections music round – always fun to see new people on stage. Please, if you have an idea for a round, do not hesitate to write it out and email it to either Andrea or Kate and we’ll get you on stage!

Winners: ‘Union Jackasses’ proved they don’t need more than 8 people to do quiz, and with 45 points they got the bottle of Jameson. ‘Lazer Fair Economics’ were right behind them with 44 points, and trailing by just half a point ‘Kooper Troopers’! It’s insanely close every week! You guys are way too smart.

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Oct 192015

Andrea returned from her vacation ready to prove that although Steven is a good host, she is still the quiz mistress. All I can say is, that their fun little internal battle, make for some pretty awesome rounds for you the participants.
No guest rounds this week, so it was all on Andrea. Besides her usual Current Events and her General Knowledge rounds, she had prepared rounds such as ‘guess the actor/actress from his/her co-stars’.
When it came to the music round, it was time to dance. Say this a lot, but nothing like 1 hit wonders to make you guys go: “Ooooh I know this song”, remembering who made it a hit, well, that is a different matter. Although there were some debates as to whether some of the groups really were 1 hit wonders or not.

Winners: ‘Wudaokou Blowjob’ took revenge from last week and reclaimed 1st place and the bottle of Jameson with 47 points. ‘La duzi’ was right behind with 46 points. Although ‘Urban Jackasses’ scored 43 points and ‘MaMaHuHu’ ‘only’ 40 points, we still decided to do a drink off for 3rd place because ‘Urban Jackasses’ were too many people on their team. There is an 8 person limit to teams, and while we were lenient this time due to a claimed lack of knowledge of team size limitation, we will be harsher from now on.
And let me make it clear, the whole ‘but they aren’t really participating’ doesn’t work. If they are at the table, they are on the team. No way for us to know if they answered a question or not, and sometimes it comes down to that one correct answer. In the end, despite a heroic effort, ‘Union Jackasses’ did win the drink off and the bucket of Tsingtao.

Leaderboard: ‘Wudaokou Blowjob’ is having a solid lead with 21 points. ‘El’ Flannel’ is hanging on though, 15 points! And ‘2 guys being dudes’ have 11 points. With points at stake every week and 6 more weeks to go, it is still anybody’s game.

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Oct 112015

With Andrea still away on vacation, Steven was yet again in charge of hosting quiz. However this week he had 2 guest hosts. Kate had agreed to help out by doing the current events round and Gideon did the music round.

Before we got that far though, Steven got the evening started with a round on cartoons. Not just any cartoons, but controversial cartoons. Seems you kids know all about cartoons, because the scores after that round were pretty high. And then Kate came along and fucked it up. Turns out current events isn’t as straight forward as you thought. We all like different kinds of news, Kate even decided to throw in a couple of sports related questions. Ah well, we don’t want you to get bored by always doing the same things. For the picture round Steven had found 10 distinct movie/tv-show/game weapons, and all you had to do was to name where it was from.

As Gideon took the stage most of you sigh’ed rather loudly, remembering the last time he did music round and how hard it was. And when he announced that this time it would be ‘funk’ you didn’t exactly look any more relieved because what the funk is funk precisely? While there were a few difficult songs on the list, you had heard most of the songs several times – and judging by your reactions danced along to a lot of them. Remembering the artist, that was the trick.

Winners: No drink off this week, but lots of new faces in top 3! With 41 points, the bottle of Jameson went to ‘Beilands’. 2nd place went to ‘Benjamin Quizraeli’ with 38 points and close behind them with 36 points came ‘Donald Chrumps’.

Leaderboard: 3 weeks into the leaderboard and while 五道口交 have a slight lead it is still anybody’s game. However, I must remind you all that while new team names are fun, it also makes it difficult to keep track. I see a lot of new names every week, and since I can’t keep remembering previous team names of individual teams, I’ll have to see it as a new team. Meaning you don’t accumulate points the same way teams who keep their name does.

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Sep 202015

It’s that time again! The mess that is Lush Rush Week is about to hit Wudaokou once more. It’s the week we all love and fear. Love it, because it is absolutely awesome. Fear it because it is absolute awesome. It’s so much awesomeness that it can be hard to handle. Below is a little run down of the day-to-day activities along with an explanation of the achievement game! Your chance to win awesome prizes – first place prize is 1000rmb bar tab!!!! That’s right, it’s not just a party week. We’ve turned it into a competition – a competition without any real losers.

Achievement game: Every event provides you with an opportunity to gain points in the race to become the winner of Lush Rush Fall 2015. What does it take to win? The ability to have fun seven days in a row – and perhaps a little luck! With something going on every day, it’s going to require commitment. Commitment to party. What does the winner get, you ask. 1000 rmb bar tab to spend anyway you want at Lush/Sugar Shack!! Yes, competition will be tough, but don’t despair. Even if you don’t win the tab, you can still get a prize. You just have to get 55 points to win a special Rush Week shirt! That’s worth fighting for, right? I’ll provide you with scorecard along with your first points. Don’t lose your card! If you do, you’ll have to start over. Your card is personal. No combining cards. That would be cheating – and nobody likes a cheater. You will of course be allowed to keep the card afterwards as a souvenir to remind you of the awesome week – that you might have forgotten due to alcohol consumption!

Program and points are as follows:

Monday we kickoff LUSH RUSH with Comedy Night at Lush. What better way to forget that it is Monday than listen to funny people? You think you are funny too? Well, you can get on stage and show us! Everybody is welcome to live out their inner comedian. To get your 5 points for this event you need to be present during the comedy night. We are starting the week easy, chill out and get ready. This is the night to get registered and receive your official achievement scorecard! Starts 8.30pm

Tuesday at Sugar Shack Pizza will be one of the nights you’ll keep talking about for a long time. It’s Power Hour time. ONE shot of beer EVERY minute for an HOUR. Easy enough? That’s what they all say. Until they try it that is. We continue with Centurion, same deal but for another 40 minutes. So totally 1 shot every minute for 100 minutes! Good luck. This evening you have the chance to get 20 points. Drinking begins 9pm

While it is not part of the Lush Rush achievement game, we are still doing KARAOKE at Lush! Just like we do every Tuesday! So if you don’t feel like doing a bunch of beer shots, head to Lush instead and sing some songs! Or better yet, do it as the warm up – karaoke begins at 8pm….

Wednesday is our legendary Pub Quiz, sponsored by our friends from CityWeekend. Since competition is bound to be fierce, we give you 5 points just for participation and both 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will earn additional 15 points each.
After making our brain concentrate hard for 2 hours answering Andrea’s questions it’s time to move about a bit, taking the party to Sugar Shack. Don’t want to promise too much, but I would be surprised if beer pong tables wouldn’t be set up for some friendly competition. Tables that can be used for any and all beer games including beer pong, flip cup and of course slap cup! As always the quiz starts 8pm, but be there early to get a table.

Thursday the battle continues at Sugar Shack Pizza with COB Originals Beer Pong. Again you get 5 points for joining and winners will receive another 15 points as well as the usual bottle of booze! COB Originals will also be sponsoring some amazing shirts for the winners! Shirts are in our favorite language – Chinglish! If the regular beer pong events are any indicators (of course they are) the night will be packed with pong and dancing! Come early to make sure you get to join in the fun! Sign up starts 8.30pm, play 9pm… Queue starts….hard to predict 🙂

Friday night we turn it up! It’s time to rock out to the tunes from Disaster Chat! These boys have so much energy they rock their shoes off – literally – and they are hoping to the same to yours! The boys will take the stage 9.30pm and then there is no knowing what will happen!!

Saturday is the day to show off your dance moves! Figured the best way to burn off some of all the alcohol we have made you drink over the last week is to throw a Latin party. The DJ will be playing some sweet ass songs to match all you gorgeous people on the dance floor (which I expect to be packed – we are moving most of the table out of the way) we have some sick specials for you. 10rmb shots (tequila, whiskey, vodka), 15rmb cuba libre, 20rmb Corona! Show up to the party and you will have earned yourself 10 achievement points. Party will begin 9pm

Sunday It’s time for Open Mic. Get on stage and get those final points – the points you need for the win or for the t-shirt, one performance will get you 15 points! It’s the perfect way to calm down after battling all week. Who am I kidding? Calm down? We party on! This Open Mic will be sponsored by YEN and if you do something incredible, unbelievable etc I might throw a couple of YEN Halloween tickets your way…. Kicks off 9pm

In addition to the points mentioned above you can get 5 points for somehow managing to get yourself one of the classic black I (heart) Wu wristbands. And wearing it! And don’t forget to grab/steal one of the new wristbands made specifically for this Lush Rush!


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Sep 172015

Next week is LUSH RUSH, which means by next week you should have settled on who is on your team – MAXIMUM 8 players per team, we will be strict! And you should also decide on your team name. LUSH RUSH means the beginning of leaderboard and if I am to keep track of your points for 10 weeks I need you to keep the same name – or at least within the same theme so I can easily recognize who is who!

Anyway, back to yesterday’s quiz. 12 brave teams signed up for quiz, ready to prove they know things, 10 teams stayed until the end. Guess the last 2 teams decided they needed to study more before taking on a whole quiz.
As usual, the quiz started out with a current events round, making sure you keep track of what goes on in the world. Andrea then took you for a spin through movies, actors and general knowledge before concluding with an awesome music round. All 90’s hits! Yeah, we know some of you are barely old enough to remember the 90’s, but although you might have had problems with the artists, you all knew the songs well enough to sing and dance along. Yes lots of dancing – I’ll admit mainly from Andrea and myself, but you guys were rocking along… We love the 90’s!!!

Winners: Not much discussion about 1st place, especially when they scored max in music round, 43 points in total and a bottle of Jameson to ‘Bin Laden’s Mecca-nized Revenge’! 2nd and 3rd place however had to be decided by a drink off! ‘El’ Flannel’ and ‘Oedipus and the motherfuckers’ both got 37 points, so no other way than to bring the boys up to the stage and see them chug a Tsingtao. By the tiniest amount of foam, Evan managed to secure the epic cocktail for ‘Oedipus and the motherfuckers’!

It was another awesome night filled with great people, quiz and beer pong at Shack! Hope you are all getting ready for RUSH week next week… Stay tuned for a detailed program in the upcoming days…

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