Mar 222016

As always when Lush Rush hits, things get turned up! And that definitely includes the party-factor – the music round and especially the after-party in Sugar Shack proved that.
Before we got so far though, there were 4 trivia rounds to get through. Andrea had decided to be nice this week (being Rush week and all), so no current events (not sure if that was nice or not, since you all prepare for that) and rounds were in general a little easier than usual. Round 1 was a straight up General Knowledge round getting most teams of to a terrific start. Josh jumped in for round 2 and picture round, celebrities with resting bitch faces! Another round with lots of points for everyone. Round 3 was a little harder, but not much. Netflix description of their tv-shows. The final trivia round was for all of you who like words and languages – ‘English’ words stolen from other languages. Going into the music round we had a 4-way tie, so tension was high! For the music round, it was dancing time! Music from the 00’s – songs we all know and love/hate, but all like to dance to!

Winners: 4-way tie before music round + music we all know = DRINK OFF!! A 2-way drink off for 1st and 2nd place and a 3-way drink off for 3rd place!! ‘We come from behind’ and ‘The Trump Card’ battled for the bottle of Jameson, with ‘We come from behind’ being victorious for the 4th week in a row. The 3-way drink off was between ‘That’s what Xi said’, ‘Cunning Stunts’ and ‘Just visiting’. The visitors showed they know how to down a beer – and they received more beer for the effort!

Quiz itself was over, but as always there was the matter of the 6 tequila shots. However, before we could get that far we had some prizes from our Lush Rush sponsor CHEERS WINES to give out. They had generously donated 7 vouchers each worth a bottle of bubble. So quiz mistress Andrea, quiz master Josh and run-around-get-people-drunk-girl Kate asked a series of questions until all the vouchers were gone.
And then it was time for the crowd tequila questions!!

As the questions died down and the tequila was handed out, the party moved to Sugar Shack, where a good amount of beer pong was already under way. The evening disappeared in beer, tequila and shirtless pong games!!

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Mar 222015

Messy!It’s that time again! The mess that is Lush Rush Week is about to hit Wudaokou once more. It’s the week we all love and fear. Love it, because it is absolutely awesome. Fear it because it is absolute awesome. It’s so much awesomeness that it can be hard to handle. Below is a little run down of the day-to-day activities along with an explanation of the achievement game! Your chance to win awesome prizes! That’s right, it’s not just a party week. We’ve turned it into a competition – a competition without any real losers.

Achievement game: Every event provides you with an opportunity to gain points in the race to become the winner of Lush Rush Week Spring 2015. What does it take to win? The ability to have fun seven days in a row – and perhaps a little luck! With something going on every day, it’s going to require commitment. Commitment to party. What does the winner get, you ask. 1000 rmb bar tab to spend anyway you want at Lush!! Yes, competition will be tough, but don’t despair. Even if you don’t win the tab, you can still get a prize. You just have to get 55 points to win a special Rush Week shirt! That’s worth fighting for, right? I’ll provide you with scorecard along with your first points. Don’t lose your card! If you do, you’ll have to start over. Your card is personal. No combining cards. That would be cheating – and nobody likes a cheater. You will of course be allowed to keep the card afterwards as a souvenir to remind you of the awesome week!

Program and points are as follows:

Monday is the City Weekend kickoff party at Lush. It’s our Martini night, even cheaper than normally. 15 rmb for a martini between 6pm and midnight. To get your points for this event you need to buy a martini during happy hour (8-10pm) and you will have earned your first 5 points. An easy start.

Tuesday at Sugar Shack Pizza will be one of the nights you’ll keep talking about for a long time. It’s WSU’s Power Hour. ONE shot of beer EVERY minute for an HOUR. Easy enough? That’s what they all say. Until they try it that is. We continue with Centurion, same deal but for another 40 minutes. So totally 1 shot every minute for 100 minutes! Good luck. This evening you have the chance to get 20 points.

Wednesday is our legendary Pub Quiz, sponsored by our friends from Plastered 8. Meaning in addition to the normal prizes you can win some of those funny t-shirts. Since competition is bound to be fierce, we give you 5 points just for participation and both 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will earn additional 15 points each.
After making our brain concentrate hard for 2 hours answering Andrea’s questions it’s time to move about a bit, taking the party to Sugar Shack. Don’t want to promise too much, but I would be surprised if beer pong tables wouldn’t be set up for some friendly competition.

Thursday the battle continues at Sugar Shack Pizza with Beer Pong. Again you get 5 points for joining and winners will get 15 points as well as the usual bottle of booze! If the last couple of weeks are any indicators (of course they are) the night will be packed with pong and dancing! Come early to make sure you get to join in the fun!

Friday night Lush comes alive with our houseband The Avengers of Music! This is your chance to party with the superheroes, we got them all. Captain America as lead singer (yes the man apparently can do everything), The Hulk picks up guitar and bass as the big green beast he is while charming us with his voice. Hawkeye shows off his impeccable aim on the drums! Another unexpected guitar-champ is Iron Man, but guess we shouldn’t be surprised. It is Iron Man after all! It takes a special kind of woman to keep these boys in line, which is why we have Black Widow on the saxophone! The heroes takes the stage 9.30pm

Saturday is the day to show off your dance moves. In co-operation with the Latin Community at BeiDa we are throwing a Latin party that will blow your mind. In addition to DJ Manu playing some great tunes and a packed dance floor we have some sick specials for you. 5rmb shots (tequila, whiskey, vodka), 10rmb mixed drinks, 20rmb Corona! Show up to the party and you will have earned yourself 10 achievement points.

Sunday It’s time for Open Mic. Get on stage and get those final points, one performance will get you 15 points! It’s the perfect way to calm down after battling all week. Who am I kidding? Calm down? We party on!

In addition to the points mentioned above you can get 5 points for somehow managing to get yourself one of the classic black I (heart) Wu wristbands. And wearing it! And don’t forget to grab/steal one of the red wristbands made specifically for this Lush Rush!


Jan 042015

Photo CollageHappy New Year everybody! Hope you all had an amazing night and made it safely into 2015!
First of all, we would like to thank you all for the support you showed us in 2014! Doesn’t matter whether you are one of the awesome students that come to Lush to enjoy coffee while practicing Chinese, an avid Pub Quiz participant, a crazy Sugar Shack Beer Pong player etc, we are grateful for all of you! Without you, Lush and Sugar Shack wouldn’t be the fun places we love! THANK YOU!

New Year is a time for resolutions, and this year ours will be to serve delicious burgers and pizza, keep the Tequila and Fireball flowing while we go crazy on the dancefloor/tables! Of course all of this is way easier done with your help, so hope to see you soon!

And please, if you have a specific party you would like, a dish or drink you would like to see on the menu tell us about it and we’ll see what we can do! We are here to make your time in Wudaokou as awesome as possible!