I am Josh. I am awesome. I am humble. I am your master (of trivia). Here are some Wu facts. Tequila is delicious. Jack Daniels is the best prize for smart people. Drinking beer and throwing ping pong balls into cups is a more of a sport than 4 hours of left turns. Rich knows more about pop culture than you. Jason plays better guitar than you. Adam and Chris are better at beer pong than you. Jack plays better guitar hero than you. I know more useless information than you. Eyad plays better music than you.

May 082016

In a twist, [an unfortunate one for me] Kate hosted quiz this week! I was away in Chengdu and got spectacular food poisoning so couldn’t fly back/ not promise to throw up on everyone. So, Kate stepped into the breach to enjoy a tab and save the day! Along with Kate, many of you offered to host guest rounds to help ensure our weekly trivia brains continued to get their workout. Kate did a topic usually avoided at quiz- SPORTS! She also tested your geography knowledge before she sets sail on her cruise ship. Megan also did a Star Wars round for May the 4th, and Julian had a round on Weather. Katie then ended the night with well known songs from cult movies and you just had to name the movie.

We come from behind, regained first place with 45 points. That’s what Xi said, to second place with 43 points and Lords of the Pillar took third with 42.

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May 082016

Quiz ShowWith only 3 more weeks until the final tallies are made and the top 3 teams bask in their nerdiness with a Sugar Shack Pizza Party, the questions have been stepped up. Current events were there as per usual, but now require more than just a mere scanning of news headlines. After all, would you be able to recall off the top of your head Jacob van Nierop’s nickname for having been jailed for 8 years, and reflective of his profession which was linked to his crimes? See? Read the News people! Next, I decided to change things up a bit by asking questions about two things that are close to my heart; sleep and coffee. Questions like: “Which drug derives its name from the Greek God for Sleep?” “MORPHINE” and “Which coffee drink was invented to warm up passengers flying to America?” “IRISH COFEE” got you all thinking. Finally, Peter hosted the music round to celebrate his 21st birthday, and being fully legal. Everyone got to enjoy a taste of the songs from his youth right up to today.

That’s what Xi said, took first place with 37 points, Cunning Stunts took second with 36 and Trump Card took third with 31 [after a drink off with Ma Ma Hu Hu who had 34.5 as they had more than 8 players join their team]

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Jun 042015

DPP_0068Seems Lush’s official status as Best Pub Quiz in town is spreading because the quiz board was packed with teams this week, to the point where there was literally no room for any more names, and the ENTIRE bar was there to play quiz.

The quiz kicked off with a reminder that, as the Leaderboard was finished, the most inventive, funny, or vulgar team name could snag an Epic Cocktail so we had numerous witty references to Fifa’s Sepp Blatter resignation etc, which was particularly apt for the regular Current Events quiz round. With questions like “Which animal was detained as a spy in India this week from Pakistan?” and the answer being “a pigeon“, I can say I’m happy to see people getting to Lush earlier to use the VPN and read up on world news! Next, because it was children’s day this week, [and as I teach the mentallers,] I decided to do a round about creepy children/ child killers in movies. Films mentioned of course included: Let the right one in, Poltergeist, The Omen etc.

We had one quiz competitor make a blunder and light up at quiz this week, to promptly be reminded by everyone that the smoking ban is being enforced…so this nicely introduced the picture round which was to name the celebrity smoking in the shot. Hopefully it didn’t affect anyone’s cravings. For round 4, Wade, who was leaving for America, made his one and only debut in a guest round on superlatives. With questions like, what is the biggest permanently populated town at 16,000 feet? As well as: Which country has the largest population of Muslims?…you all got a good general knowledge work out.

Finally the music round had everyone singing, clapping, waving their arms and dancing along to the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s Symphonic Rock covers of hits like Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best”, The Beatles’ “Let it Be” and, to suitably mark Lush’s win as Best Student Bar and Best Pub Quiz, we finished with Queen’s “We are the Champions”.

There was a “Shazamming” incident which saw one team disqualified from their music round score. So hopefully no one will go to that special circle of hell reserved for pub quiz cheats in the future… But, the results saw El Flannel bag the bottle of Jameson with 39 points, and then there was a drink off between Random Shit and Tequila Mockingbird who both scored 37…Jesper managed to down his Tsingtao in the subsequent drink off ahead of Andrew to snag the Epic Cocktail for Random Shit, and Andrew took the bucket of Tsingtao for Tequila Mockingbird.

Lots of nerdy sci fi questions in the audience participation tequila round this week and lots of people socialising over beer pong at Sugar Shack with their free beer pitcher after quiz. Here’s to next week guys!

Cheers, Andréa

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May 132014

We’re playing with a new layout and design for the site. The content hasn’t really changed all that much, we’re just looking for something a little easier on the eyes and less like it was designed by someone who barely knows how to spell ‘web-design.’ We all know most people stick to Facebook anyways, but we figured we might as well try to at least do the website equivalent of putting on a clean shirt.

So, let us know what you think in the comments and as always, Love the Wu!

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Sep 302013

Attention Lush and Pyro guests!

Starting October 1st, Lush and Pyro Pizza will be non-smoking during the daytime, from 8am-4pm for Lush, and 10am-4pm for Pyro Pizza respectively. This decision has been a long time coming, but we feel that it will result in a healthier environment for our staff and all our guests during the daytime, while still allowing for a bar vibe moving into the evenings and late nights. Thank you for your understanding and assistance in helping us to move to a smoke-free environment during the day!

Thank you all very much!
Lush and Pyro Management

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Aug 112013

Alright guys, good news is that the rain has subsided for the time being and we can deliver as normal again! If you ordered online, the staff is calling you back to see if you still want delivery, and if you’ve been waiting for an update, please go on and order as normal. Just bear in mind that should the rain come back in force again, we may have to stop again, but lets keep our fingers crossed that the worst of it has passed!

Thanks again for everyone’s patience and understanding!

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Aug 112013

Sorry to disappoint those of you who are trying to order pizza in this thunderstorm, but the streets of Wudaokou are about knee deep in water which, combined with the lightning storms are just too unsafe for the staff to try to deliver in. We have to put the safety of our staff first, especially given the dangers of poor drainage and unmarked open manholes and drainage holes.

So until the streets drain a little, we’re putting delivery on hold. As soon as the water drains a little and its safe enough to get them back on the roads, we’ll be back out delivering those awesome pizzas! Thank you in advance for your understanding!

We are still delivering to Huaqing Jiayuan and Dongsheng Yuan, since we don’t have to cross dangerous streets, but again as soon as its safe to deliver, we’ll be back to delivering as normal.

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Feb 122013

新年快乐!Happy Chinese New Year! Hope the fireworks haven’t been keeping you awake through all hours. Just a quick reminder that both Lush and Pyro Pizza are on a reduced schedule for this week, until the 17th, and both stores are open from 11am until 10pm. This also affects Pyro delivery and online ordering, and orders need to be made before 9:30pm. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have a skeleton crew working 12 hour days over the 9 day period, so to prevent them from being too over-worked, we needed to reduce the hours a touch. We will be back to a normal schedule for delivery on the 18th. Thanks so much for your continued support and we look forward to continuing the partying next week!

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Nov 062012

That’s right, the future is here! Pyro Pizza has joined the big time with the ability to order online! You can, of course, still order by calling 8286-6254 or 8286-6240, but with both English and Chinese interfaces, as well as the ability to log in and store your address and phone number, Online Ordering is so much easier! Try it out, either click the banner at the top of this post, or head over to and try it for yourselves!

A couple of points to keep in mind:

  • Online ordering is only available during the same times as phone ordering, 10am-Midnight.
  • Minimum order is 45rmb, anything less and we’ll have to call you to add something before we can deliver.
  • If you live or work outside our delivery area, your order will go through, but bear in mind that we will call you and let you know we can’t deliver.
  • The system does currently not have the ability to automatically calculate Tuesday’s Buy 1 Get 1 free sub special, or the Thursday Large Pizza at a Medium price special, so if you are ordering during either of those specials, please select the 2 subs you want (we’ll only charge for the more expensive sub), or order the large pizza you want on Thursday and know that you’ll only be asked to pay the Medium price.
  • Finally, its a brand new system, so if you have any suggestions, or think something could be done better, please send us an email or call and let me know! (my email is listed in the footer of the online ordering website, and if you call the store, the staff can get a hold of me if I’m not already there!)
Sep 142012

Hey everyone!

We have some new equipment arriving Monday, Sept. 17th that should help us to faster serve up the awesome Pyro pizzas you’ve come to love! What that does mean however, is that we will need to close up for the morning and afternoon in order to have the new equipment installed and remove the old stuff. We’ll be open as normal on Sunday, Sept. 16th. and if all goes to plan, we should be open again by Monday evening around 6pm. If it happens that we’ll need to close longer than 6pm on Monday, keep an eye out for an updated post online.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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