May 082016

In a twist, [an unfortunate one for me] Kate hosted quiz this week! I was away in Chengdu and got spectacular food poisoning so couldn’t fly back/ not promise to throw up on everyone. So, Kate stepped into the breach to enjoy a tab and save the day! Along with Kate, many of you offered to host guest rounds to help ensure our weekly trivia brains continued to get their workout. Kate did a topic usually avoided at quiz- SPORTS! She also tested your geography knowledge before she sets sail on her cruise ship. Megan also did a Star Wars round for May the 4th, and Julian had a round on Weather. Katie then ended the night with well known songs from cult movies and you just had to name the movie.

We come from behind, regained first place with 45 points. That’s what Xi said, to second place with 43 points and Lords of the Pillar took third with 42.

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