May 082016

Quiz ShowWith only 3 more weeks until the final tallies are made and the top 3 teams bask in their nerdiness with a Sugar Shack Pizza Party, the questions have been stepped up. Current events were there as per usual, but now require more than just a mere scanning of news headlines. After all, would you be able to recall off the top of your head Jacob van Nierop’s nickname for having been jailed for 8 years, and reflective of his profession which was linked to his crimes? See? Read the News people! Next, I decided to change things up a bit by asking questions about two things that are close to my heart; sleep and coffee. Questions like: “Which drug derives its name from the Greek God for Sleep?” “MORPHINE” and “Which coffee drink was invented to warm up passengers flying to America?” “IRISH COFEE” got you all thinking. Finally, Peter hosted the music round to celebrate his 21st birthday, and being fully legal. Everyone got to enjoy a taste of the songs from his youth right up to today.

That’s what Xi said, took first place with 37 points, Cunning Stunts took second with 36 and Trump Card took third with 31 [after a drink off with Ma Ma Hu Hu who had 34.5 as they had more than 8 players join their team]

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