Apr 212016

The quiz that will always be remembered as Kate’s last quiz. Which for those of you that weren’t there means that it included a lot of alcohol and shots in a communal attempt to get Kate drunk and experience her first hangover. Drunk yea sort of, hangover – still didn’t happen. Better luck another time….
But back to the quiz. Andrea was as always in charge and she did the 4 trivia rounds, but let Kevin do the music round. For trivia rounds we had ‘Current events’, ‘Name the film that famous co-stars didn’t get on off-screen’, ‘Quotes by famous world leaders’ and ‘Famous Kate’s’. Music was a lovely mish-mash of songs we all know and like to sing along to!

Winners: So we had a bit of a controversy due to ‘We come from behind’ exceeding the 8 people on a team limit so despite them having 49 points and ‘Spoiler’ ‘only’ 46, we decided to make it a drink off between the 2 teams to find the winner. However, ‘We come from behind’ were the fastest drinkers so they still got the bottle of Jameson. 3rd place also had to be decided via a drink off. ‘Cunning Stunts’ vs. ‘The Trump Card’. ‘Cunning Stunts’ managed to win that one.

Leaderboard: 6 weeks into the leaderboard and ‘We come from behind’ have given themselves a bit of a lead, but with 4 weeks to go anything is still possible.

And on a final note, please people remember there is a team limit! 8 people on a team max. And that include the ‘oh they aren’t playing, they are just here’ people. Because you never know, they might give you that one answer that gets you the win. Impossible for us to keep track if people are saying things quiz related or not. And we don’t want to be policemen all the time, we like to have fun with you.

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