Apr 122016

It was a quieter week with only 10 teams present, but the competition was no less fierce. It was battle upon battle, including a drink off that had to be redone 3 times!! The quiz itself was all done by Andrea without any guest rounds. That is of course not a problem at all, with Andrea being the super quiz mistress she is. In addition to the regular ‘Current events’ and ‘General Knowledge’ rounds, we had ‘Famous One Liners before a Kill from movies’ and a hilarious picture round. It was guess the famous person from its historical doppelganger. And as has been the routine since Lush Pub Quiz started many many years ago we finished with a music round.

Winners: It was a close call and music round always have a way of making things interesting. After a week out of Top 3, ‘The Trump Card’ came back and claimed the bottle of Jameson. And now to the (in)famous drink off. ‘Lords of the Pillar’ went up against ‘Spoiler: Bruce Wayne is Batman’ in the epic drink off that required 3 rounds before we could declare ‘Lords of the pillar’ the winner of 2nd place. It was some pretty good drinking on both sides, but problems with getting all the foam out of the bottles proved to be the tricky party.

Leaderboard: Despite ‘The Trump Card’s win, ‘We come from behind’ remains in the lead with 23 points. ‘The Trump Card’ is however not far behind, they have 21 points. The two might seems safe in the top 2 with ‘Cunning Stunts’ being the closest competitor right now with 14 points, but anything can happen. And ‘Cunning Stunts’ can feel too safe either, ‘Spoiler’ is right behind at 13 points. It will be an interesting race.

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