Apr 042016

With 17 teams present and ready for the battle, it was a pretty busy quiz night. But that doesn’t stop the fun – just means more people joining in the fun. This week Andrea got a little help on stage with 2 guest rounds from Kevin. But as always, first up was Andrea with her ‘Current events’ round we have all come to enjoy so much. After that came Kevin’s picture round, with pictures of cars from various TV-shows and movies. Then it was time to think back to your childhood, because the following round was concerned with cartoons/children’s entertainment before we jumped into ‘General knowledge’. Kevin came back on the stage for the music round, 80’s songs!

Winners: ‘We come from behind’ did not live up to their name, they were in the lead almost from the beginning until the end (except after round 2) and they got to enjoy another bottle of Jameson. With competition being as fierce as it is, it should come as no surprise that we needed another drink off to decide 2nd and 3rd place. ‘El’ Flannel’ and ‘Cunning Stunts’ emptied bottled and although it was close ‘Cunning Stunts’ were just a little bit faster.

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