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It’s that time again! The mess that is Lush Rush Week is about to hit Wudaokou once more. It’s the week we all love and fear. Love it, because it is absolutely awesome. Fear it because it is absolute awesome. It’s so much awesomeness that it can be hard to handle.

Below is a little run down of the day-to-day activities along with an explanation of the achievement game! Your chance to win awesome prizes – first place prize is 1000rmb bar tab!!!! That’s right, it’s not just a party week. We’ve turned it into a competition – a competition without any real losers.

Achievement game: Every event provides you with an opportunity to gain points in the race to become the winner of Lush Rush Spring 2016. What does it take to win? The ability to have fun seven days in a row – and perhaps a little luck! With something going on every day, it’s going to require commitment. Commitment to party. What does the winner get, you ask. 1000 rmb bar tab to spend anyway you want at Lush/Sugar Shack!! Yes, competition will be tough, but don’t despair. Even if you don’t win the tab, you can still get a prize. You just have to get 55 points to win an I Program and points are as follows:

Monday we kickoff LUSH RUSH with Martini Night at Lush. We are giving you an easy start to the week, where all you have to do is chill out with a martini. Of course if you want to go crazy with martinis, then we won’t stop you. To get the first 5 points in the achievement game, simply buy a 15rmb martini during happy hour! That’s right, I said 15rmb!! This is the night to get registered and receive your official achievement scorecard! Happy Hour as always 8pm-10pm!!!

Tuesday at Sugar Shack Pizza will be one of the nights you’ll keep talking about for a long time. It’s Power Hour time. ONE shot of beer EVERY minute for an HOUR. Easy enough? That’s what they all say. Until they try it that is. We continue with Centurion, same deal but for another 40 minutes. So totally 1 shot every minute for 100 minutes! Good luck. This evening you have the chance to get 20 points (10 points for Power Hour, additional 10 points for completed Centurion). Drinking begins 9pm

While it is not part of the Lush Rush achievement game, we are still doing KARAOKE at Lush! Just like we do every Tuesday! So if you don’t feel like doing a bunch of beer shots, head to Lush instead and sing some songs! Or better yet, do it as the warm up – karaoke begins at 8pm….

Wednesday is our legendary Pub Quiz! Since competition is bound to be fierce, we give you 5 points just for participation and both 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will earn additional 15 points each.
After making our brain concentrate hard for 2 hours answering Andrea’s questions it’s time to move about a bit, taking the party to Sugar Shack. Don’t want to promise too much, but I would be surprised if beer pong tables wouldn’t be set up for some friendly competition. Tables that can be used for any and all beer games including beer pong, flip cup and of course slap cup! As always the quiz starts 8pm, but be there early to get a table; and by early I don’t mean 7.30 – that’s not early!

Thursday the battle continues at Sugar Shack Pizza with COB Originals Beer Pong. Again you get 5 points for joining and winners will receive another 15 points as well as the usual bottle of booze! COB Originals will also be sponsoring some amazing sweaters for the winners! If the regular beer pong events are any indicators (of course they are) the night will be packed with pong and dancing! Come early to make sure you get to join in the fun! Sign up starts 8.30pm, play 9pm… Queue starts….hard to predict 🙂

Friday night we go massive! Stevie Mac and the MacDaddies are taking over the Lush stage – literally! 11 people are in the band which includes drums, trumpet, sax, guitar, bass and of course some awesome singers. Come dance till you drop!! MacDaddies take the stage 9.30pm and then there is no knowing what will happen!!

Saturday we are celebrating Kate’s birthday! She might be getting old, but you all know Kate still likes to party. This year we are marking it with a HAWAIIAN party!! Dress up in your most colourful outfit, enjoy 10rmb tequila shots, 10rmb Tsingtao and 10rmb mixed drinks! Showing off your outfit will get you 10 points! Make sure you help get Kate drunk – it doesn’t happen often! Party will begin 9pm

Sunday It’s time for Open Mic. Get on stage and get those final points – the points you need for the win or for the t-shirt, one performance will get you 15 points! It’s the perfect way to calm down after battling all week. Who am I kidding? Calm down? We party on! Kicks off 9pm

In addition to the points mentioned above you can get 5 points for somehow managing to get yourself one of the classic black I (heart) Wu wristbands. And wearing it! And don’t forget to grab/steal one of the new wristbands made specifically for this Lush Rush!


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