Mar 102016

With Andrea being home in bed sick, Kate took over as quiz mistress for a night. And that definitely made things a little different. We still had a ‘current events’ round, but without any political questions and instead Kate included a couple of sports questions. After that it was time for Kate’s specialty rounds – and no we are not talking about fantasy for once, but randomly fun facts. It’s one of those rounds, where scores stay really low, but you learn a bunch of strange things. You know, the things that you might need at a pub quiz. For example, did you know that a group of pandas is called an embarrassment? Or that philematology is the science of kissing? After that we moved back to more normal trivia rounds, with a comic round. Specifically DC and Marvel. There are so many characters that are basically copies of each other – in most instances the DC character came first, but often the Marvel character was better developed. You received at description of the character (very basic description) and you got half a point per character. Round number 4 was paying tribute to Women’s Day with a connections round consisting all of ‘Best Actress’ Academy winners. For the music round we had the pleasure of Steven doing an awesome 90’s / early 2000′ round. Seemed like you all know the songs, the way you were singing out loud and cheering! Fun times!

Winners: Despite their team name ‘We come from behind’ they started out in the lead and they finished in front as well with 40,5 points! Second place went to the boys thinking they were clever and naming their team ‘Kate’s big hickies’; clever enough that they won second place (36,5 points), but not funny enough for Kate to give them the epic cocktail for best team name. That went to the 2 girls and 1 guy who named themselves ‘Boyz 4 now’. Third place takers were only 1 point behind second place, but in the end ‘International Women’s Bae’ had to settle for the bucket of Tsingtao.

Next week is Lush Rush and that marks the beginning of the leaderboard! So think of a good team name that you can handle responding to for the next 10 weeks!!

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