Dec 062015

Leaderboard is over for this time, but that doesn’t mean quiz is. Far from it! Round 1 was ‘Current events’, following that was ‘Movie titles that have turned slang’ such as Fatal Attraction and Sophie’s Choice. Then it was time to see how well you actually know fairy tales. And we weren’t talking Disney version. Andrea gave the original ending of fairy tales and you then had to name the tale. Round 4 was back to ‘General Knowledge’ before music round which was just a mix of random songs.

With leaderboard being gone, it was back to giving out an epic cocktail for the best team name! This week it went to the guys that played on Andrea’s Irish accent ‘Kate ate eight great grain cakes’. Put some thought into our name for next week and you might get the cocktail to get the night started right….

Winners: It all came down to the music round, and at that ‘Kate ate eight great grain cakes’ proved a little better. Second place went to ‘Hen hao’ and 3rd place to ‘Qinghe swimmers’.

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