Nov 262015

The last week of the leaderboard and still no clear winner, so Andrea decided to make the quiz this week somewhat harder than usual to make you all step up your game! She started out harmless enough though with her current events round, which had an average score of 6,8 – not bad at all! But then the cruelty started… Round two was diseases named after people. Average score for that one: 4,6!!! Clearly not an audience favorite, but some times that is necessary to keep you on your toes. Round 3 brought back some of your confidence with her round on general knowledge – good to know that random knowledge you picked up at some point comes in useful from time to time. Most teams did pretty well on the fourth round as well, this week’s entertainment round. Andrea gave you the actor and a quote, you just had to say which movie it came from. Music round was a massive hit and miss, one team scored maximum points (11) while another only got 2. With the scores being all over the place people were very unsure of how they were doing both for the night, but also for the leaderboard.

Winners: Bei-ding-dongs knew that only did they have to do well to get third place on leaderboard, but they also needed Union Jackasses to place several places below them. Well, they did their part and secured the bottle of Jameson for their team with 43 points. ‘The kids your parents warned you about’ wanted more epic cocktails, so they stepped up and scored 41 points, enough for the cocktails. As faith would have it, the two teams battling for the leaderboard win ‘Wudaokou Blowjob’ and ‘El’ Flannel’ scored the same (38 points) and drink off was required! ‘Wudaokou Blowjob’ show why they have Danes on their team, they can drink and do it fast. Once again, Jan Ole secured the win for his team!

Leaderboard: With the beating of ‘El’ Flannel’ in the drink off, ‘Wudaokou Blowjob’ cemented their position at the top of leaderboard! Congratulations!! ‘El’ Flannel’ had to settle for second place, but that still gets them a pizza party – a little smaller. Third place was also undecided. As mentioned ‘Bei-ding-dongs’ did their part by winning this week, but ‘Union Jackasses’ were present and fought. They did put up a fight, but unfortunately for them, it wasn’t enough. ‘Bei-ding-dongs’ set in their sprint at just the right time and secured third place and pizza for the team.

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