Sep 032011
Open Mic

Every Sunday Night at Lush!

This is your chance to impress all your friends. Get up on the Lush stage and show them (and the rest of us) what you can do. If you want to sing, but don’t know how to play the guitar – not a problem. One of our talented hosts will be happy to accompany you, as long we have the chords.  Want to impress with your skills on an instrument, that’s allowed too. We have guitar, keyboard and a bongo drum available.

Open Mic is happening every Sunday night at 9pm. Come meet new people and become a Wudaokou celebrity.

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  3 Responses to “Open Mic”

  1. Always hangout with my friends at lush, and love there sooooo much. Actually Im leaving for Tokyo next week, so I really want to have a try at the stage of the Open Mic,haha~ So just tell me by email what I should bring to lush at that night, like accompaniment something,I mean if it’s ok with you. 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Is there, or can one be gotten, a drum kit on hand for the open mic nights? If so, great!



  3. Hi Scott,

    I’m afraid a drum kit is a little out of my reach for open mic nights. We do have a single bongo drum, along with guitar and keyboard. Hope to see you on a Sunday despite the lack of drum kit.


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