Apr 132014

Quiz Show Quiz this week was different…there was an alarming lack of Kate’s dancing and drinking and Josh’s dulcet Vegas drawl.

Instead Andrea, with assistance of the beautiful Zach’s banter and mathematical know-how, took the quiz of 09/04/2014.

As always, the hardcore committed regulars were there, with some new team additions in the crowd, a new French team, AllonsEnfants, and The Nuggets.

This week was certainly one of the most challenging mid-semester quizzes. The opening round on “Famous disappearances’ really tested world history knowledge, and made some teams realize they need make friends from outside of America to know all the answers.

Megan’s ‘Serial Killers’ round tested our teams to the max, but made us feel secure in each other’s presence since no one clearly admires the work of John Wayne Gacy. A good way to know you are safe in your teammates company, and its OK for them to crash on your couch when pissed.

The new young French team were clearly a happy bunch, and not into sad disappearances of killing, so were struggling to get into double figures on the points board, but they did get into double figures on 2 racks of tequila to help stimulate those brain cells.

Martin’s Sports Round proved popular amongst American sports nuts in the audience, and saw some of our top scoring teams pull away from the crowd on the leader board.

The fourth round tested both current film knowledge as well as classical novel and playwright knowledge. However, I don’t know if we will feel any more cultured realizing Bridget Jones’ dilemmas are really a modern rendition of Elizabeth Bennett’s detest of MrDarcey.

By the end of the fourth round, we were only at 9:15pm, so the bold decision was taken to ask the audience if they wanted an extra round, especially due to the challenging nature of the earlier quiz rounds. Only “Game of Cards, House of Thrones” voted against a sixth round…wanting to maintain their lead. However, majority rules, and “What World Leader am I talking about?” was thrown into the mix. Questions like, “Who was the first American President to be interviewed by a female journalist…and he was naked at the time?” tested how well we know the quirks of our world leaders.

Finally the music round was a mix of current pop bands, 90’s grunge, Britpop, Rock and allowed some teams to edge a top 3 lead.

The final three dominating teams were:
1. Game of Cards, House of Thrones
2. Former Yugoslavian Mafia
3. Megan’s Big Naturals: The Quest for the Holy Grail

Following this, were plenty of audience questions, with 2 racks of tequila being called for, and Robin being vetoed on some of his answers, as he just knows too much.

The Lush crowd as always are super fantastic, providing great support for all guest hosts, showing that Lush is everyone’s home from home…and that Sugar Shack is the drunken home from home to stroll to afterwards.

- Andrea

Apr 062014

quiznoquiz For the first time in years Josh was present, but not hosting the quiz. He had the pleasure of participating instead while Andrea was in charge. This was due to the fact that neither Josh nor I can be present next week. It’ll all be up to Andrea to keep track of you crazy people. Please try to behave…. 
Andrea wasn’t completely on her own this week though; she had a guest round from Alistair and one from Mate. It was definitely a night where we got around a variety of topics. First of all your knowledge of STDs was tested. Way to get started…. Perhaps it was to make sure if you didn’t know the answers then there was a chance for you to learn them before getting too much delicious alcohol in your system. Then we had a round from Alistair about ‘words’, before Andrea returned. This time she wanted us to know inventors and their nationalities. Mate took the stage to remind us of all the bad sequels that are out there. And as the music round started, everybody started to move – some more than others.

Sample questions: The henchmen of Draco Malfoy are: Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle – tough when you needed both first and last names. The English militant Women’s Suffrage Activist that was trampled by King Gerorge V’s horse was Emily Davison. New questions… yay…. Who invented Crossword puzzles and where was he from? And from the STD round: What is the most common STD transmitted?

Winners: It was a close one this week, we needed a drink off to decide 1st place. AND a drink off to decide 3rd. With 45 points and a slightly faster drinker, “Game of cards, House of Thrones” took the bottle of Jameson leaving “FYM: Former Young Missionaries” with the epic cocktail. The second drink off was between “Megan’s big naturals: Lost in space?” and “Big Boobs and Power Tools” both teams having 41 points. The big naturals beat the big boobs for the bucket of the Tsingtao and 3rd place.

Leaderboard: After 3 weeks of the leaderboard “Game of cards, house of thrones” are in the lead with 21 points. “Megan’s big naturals” are in 2nd with 15 points, followed closely by “FYM” with 12 points. Still 7 more weeks to go.

Mar 262014

Lush Pub Quiz New semester means Lush Rush and that signals the beginning of a new leaderboard. Josh did all 5 rounds himself taking us on a journey through ‘World Politics & Leaders’, ‘Sidekicks’, ‘Illustrated movies’ and ‘All for One and One for All’ before the music round. 12 teams took up the challenge and battled for the bottle of Jameson! To keep you all on your toes we had random questions/competitions in between the rounds for the awesome t-shirts sponsored by Plastered 8! It was a night of questions and lots of tequila. The standard 6 after-quiz-tequila-question-shots quickly turned to 12! Fun times!! And we are looking forward to the next quiz!!!

Sample questions: This question had most of you go “Aaaaarghhh!!”: Harry Potter’s sidekicks are Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. First and last names for both, who are Draco Malfoy’s two burly henchmen?”. And on to ‘World politics and leaders’: What famed English militant Women’s Suffrage Activist was trampled by King George V’s horse Amner at the Epson Derby on June 4, 1913, and died 4 days later?”

Winners: It was rather close at the top, but in the end 1st place went to “Game of cards, House of thrones” with 56 points. 2 points behind them were “Rushed off my sleep” and to finish off the top 3 with 48 points we had “I’m only in this for the 5 points”.

Feb 072014

quiznoquizBecause of Chinese New Year you’ll get 2 recaps in one. On Jan. 29th, we started the night with a round on ‘words and phrases’ before Andrea went on stage with a guest round. Josh then returned with a geography round, which when announced made the room cheer. Then people actually had to answer the questions and the room grew a little more silent again – seemed the teams weren’t that into ‘The space between’ geography. For round 4 we welcomed back Mate, who gave us a connections round. Oddly enough the music round was also a connections round.

Feb. 5th was smack down in the middle of Chinese New Year and while we didn’t expect a lot of teams we didn’t want to cancel quiz either. Turns out that was a good call, we had 7 teams show up! Fun times – until closing time at 10pm. Which also caused the quiz to be a little faster than normally. The first round was ‘Celebrities with three word names’; and in keeping with three the second round was ‘Three is a crowd’. Oddly enough round number 3 was called ‘The Other one’. Round 4 was called ‘A rose by any other name’. The music round was done by Megan, she played a cover version and you would get 1 point for original artist and half a point for the cover artist you heard.

Sample questions: The movie with the tagline about awesome and secretive agents is of course “Men in Black”. And the country that hides behind the Chinese ‘Jin Ba Bu Wei’ is Zimbabwe. I’m not going to give you sample questions from both weeks, I’ll just give you two questions from this week, a celebrity with a three word name: “Kristy Swanson played the character in the movie and got to kill Pee Wee (Paul Reubens, the actor, not the actual character) and in the end rode off into the sunset with Luke Perry, who played the character Pike. In the TV series, this actress played the same character for 7 seasons and had a love affair with Spike.” And then let’s do a question from the ‘The Other one’-round: “Mars has two moons. Phobos is one, but what is the other one called?”

Winners: Two weeks that both had drink offs! Amazing. Jan. 29th the drink off was to settle 1st place between ‘Xi Jinping welcomes you to the Pooh corner’ and ‘Is this a sow’s knee, ma??’. ‘Xi Jinping’ won that one and the Jameson. Third place went to ‘Shit Sandwich’. For this week it was super close, but ‘Philip Seymour Coffin’ won by half a point. The drink off was between ‘The Firecrotch’ and ‘Flying Sex Snakes’, and it was girls who took the stage. ‘Flying Sex Snakes’ won by a mouthful of foam.

Jan 262014

jeopardy pub quizThink this might be the first time we have had two guest rounds, both done by women! Good to have someone break up the boys’ club. Before we got to that though, Josh did a round on Buddy Cops. A round that gave us some interesting scores, 1 team got 10 points, 1 team 9 points, 1 team 0 points and the rest got 4 points. Then for the first guest round host, Andrea, and she did a round on religions. Josh returned for round number 3, with some Chinese geography. He gave you the Chinese name for country and you just had to write what country it was. Allison went on stage for the second guest round and made us all hungry with a round on desserts! All of which sounded very delicious. After that, Josh thought it would be a good idea to make us all dance, so the music round was all songs about dancing (or known for a specific dance).

Sample questions: The newest member of the European Union is Croatia. And the song that won “Song of the year” at the Grammys last year was ‘We are Young’. Questions from the week: ‘With the tagline: “More secretive than the C.I.A. – More powerful than the F.B.I. – And they are looking for a few good men.” The agency’s finest man finds a new partner in a streetwise NYPD detective. Which movie is it?” And just because, I’m giving you one of the Chinese names of a foreign country – written in pinyin, no tones: ‘Which country is Jin ba bu wei’?

Winners: The team who won the cocktail for best team name also ended up winning the whole quiz (see people, alcohol helps  ); Chris Hansen is a cockblock got 48 points and the bottle of Jameson. ‘The Industrial Vaselines’ were close behind with 45 points so they got the epic cocktail. Third place went to ‘Let them Brioche, Bitcher!’ with 36 points.

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Jan 172014

QuizillionaireWith Josh running a little late due to problems with syncing his iPod, Mate got the honor of doing round number 1, don’t think I can remember a time when Josh didn’t do the first round (unless he wasn’t there at all). It was a round on ‘Stars, Wars and Star Wars’. By the time we finished round 1 Josh had arrived and was ready to make us all laugh with a ‘Guess the comedian’ round. The second guest round of the evening was brought up on stage for round 3, this time it was Tom’s turn to try to hold the attention of the audience with a round on ‘random things which also relates to the band Wheatus’. Josh finished the trivia rounds with another ‘2013 events’. While people might say the quiz tend to be somewhat American, the music round was pretty much anything but American. ‘National Anthems’; the first 8 of them being the top seeded countries to make it out of their groups at the upcoming World Cup.

Sample questions: The new Doctor is Peter Capaldi. The four countries that legalized same sex marriage in 2013 are Brazil, France, New Zealand and Uruguay. As I only have Josh’s questions, you will get two questions from the 2013 round. “On July 1st 2013, which country became the 28th member of the European Union, the first new member in over 6 years?” And then the question I think most people had a hard time guessing: At the Grammys, what song won Song of the Year?

Winners: Southbound Pachyderm secured the bottle of Jameson with 39 points, closely followed by ‘It’s not drinking alone if you are pregnant’ with 37 points. Third place went to Stratton Oakmont with 32 points!

Jan 092014

pubconnectA good week into the new year it was time to look back upon the year we just left. The first round was of the more serious kind, as in ‘New/Events of 2013’, just to find out if you guys actually pay attention to the news you claim to read…
For round 2 Dave took the stage with rather tough round, in what was almost Jeopardy style the answers you were looking for were all questions. To stop people from going crazy, the third round was rather easy. It was ‘Entertainment of 2013’, bunch of movies and actors. Mate returned to the stage after a couple of weeks of absence with another guest round. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what it was about, I have forgotten. Think it might have been all the tequila we had. I do apologize.
The music round was also a rather easy one, the top 10 songs from 2013 according to Spotify.

Sample questions: The first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was Aretha Franklin. The inventor of the wristwatch was Louis Cartier. And now questions from this week: Announced last August, who has become the latest Doctor, taking over at the very end of the Christmas Day special, “The Time of the Doctor” as the twelfth Doctor? And from the news round “Not counting the UK, since England and Wales have allowed, but Scotland and Northern Ireland have not, what four countries legalized same sex marriage in 2013”?

Winners: “Holyfield will chew your ear off about homosexuality” (aka The Amateurs) took revenge on last week’s fail to win by beating the rest of the competition and enjoying the bottle of Jameson. “10 kuai I’ll get Josh to say Willy” got 2nd place, although they never did get Josh to say willy. Third place went to “Wangbang”. Oh and the epic cocktail for best team name went to “The Return of the Fluffy Zombie Bunnies”

Jan 022014

Are you SmarterIt was pretty clear that it was the day after New Years. We had a fair amount of teams, 9 in total, but it was a lot quieter than normal. People seemed to be in that stage you enter when you party hard and don’t get enough sleep. But we weren’t going to let that stop us; after all the quiz must go on. Knowing that most would be somewhat sleepy, we decided to have some easier questions. Not saying they were all easy, just a little easier than normal. Whether we succeeded, well, final points ranged from 26 to 50 with an average score of 36,125! Regardless of your score, I want to say well done to all of you for pushing through and coming out for the quiz.
As it was the first day of a new year, the first round of the night was ‘famous firsts’. We then continued with ‘New Years Trivia’, which included any- and everything from political figures, zodiac signs to authors and a Roman deity as well as the US Department of Defense. For round number three we moved away from the New Years theme and tested your knowledge of acronyms. And before going to the music round, which was all songs related to beginnings/starts, we had a round related to time.

Sample questions: I’ll give you the very first question that was asked this week: Although you may consider her music to be more R&B or Soul, who was the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987? Second question of the day: Who was the inventor of the wristwatch, invented for a pilot friend in 1904, and first went on sale commercially in 1911?

Winners: It was the return of Southbound Pachyderm and they had brought reinforcement from the late Pink on the Brink, and with their combined powers they managed to win the bottle. Second place went to ‘Jade Rabbit? I think I have one of those at home….”. The bucket of beers went to “Twenty Whoreteen (already beijinxed)”.

Dec 202013

Lush Pub QuizWhat looked might it was going to be a quiet pub quiz turned out to be quite busy and tequila filled one instead. We had no less than 3 guest rounds; John, Mate and Zach each did a round. Before we got them, Josh had an, what he considered, easy scandals round. Good thing it was easy, because the first guest round pretty much killed everybody. It was a general knowledge round. Mate returned to the stage with a cartoon round that made people regain a little faith in their knowledge. Zach then took the stage and gave a memorable performance. Lots of attitude and jokes flying around along mythology questions.

Sample questions: It’s been awhile, but I’ll give you the answers to last post now. I do apologize for the wait. The fictional band with the hit ‘Sugar, sugar’ was The Archies. The opponents of humans in Battlestar Galactica are the Cylons! As I don’t have the questions from this week, I can’t give you any new sample questions.

Winners: Battle Royale with cheese won the bottle of Jameson with 45 points, 5 points behind them was Natalie Portman. Third place went to All I want for Christmas are some big booty Ho Ho Ho’s.

See you all next week for Christmas trivia!!!

Nov 172013

Quiz Show14 teams present, 53 points scored by the winning team, 26 points by the team in last place. The average score of the night was 41,64. Proves one thing only: You guys are some clever people! We started the night with a round on Comics and cartoons, before Aaron came on stage hosting the first guest round of the night. It was a picture round with Sci-fi ships; identify which show / movie the ship is from. After that it was time for something completely different, ‘The geography of small things’. Karaoke-Steven was in charge of the second guest round, straight up Science Fiction trivia! Music round was seemingly random artists, but there was a connection. And if you could find that connection, then you got an extra point. The connection: They have all been portrayed on Simpsons.

Sample questions: Donald Trump thought he could patent his catchphrase: “You’re fired!”. Seems rather silly. The war that effective ended the British Empire was World War II. Let’s see if you know this one: What is the name of the fictional band formed by comic book characters who had a number one hit in 1969 with the single “Sugar, sugar”? Since we had so many sci-fi questions, I should give you one of them. In the TV series Battlestar Galactica and its series reboot with the same name, the opponents of the humans (which look like robots) were called what?

Winners: For the second week in a row it was a new team taking the bottle of Jameson. This week it was “There’s a bear in the boot room, eh?”. They won by a single point – “The Amateurs” and “To9ght we’re gonna rock you (to9ght)” were right behind them. And they had to have a drink off before we could decide second and third place. “The Amateurs” won that one by a drop.

Leaderboard: One week left of the leaderboard, Bo Xilushious is leading by 6 points, so if they score 2 leaderboard points then they can’t be beaten. Should the Tonight team win quiz and Bo Xilusious only get 1 point then we have a tie and I’ll have to look closer at the scores over the last 10 weeks. In that case, the team with the most 1st place will win. “Tonight” can’t be too sure about 2nd place, The Amateurs is right behind them.